Jaide Reina Jones is The Sultry Chef





 I am ready to add spice to your kitchen as well as your life! All recipes are located in the Recipes section of my webpage. You will find all types of cajun recipes from appetizers, cocktails & main dishes! This is the home of your personal Cajun Chef! I have been cooking the Creole-Cajun way since I was a little girl.  

I add recipes every week so make sure you keep checking back for simple & exciting cajun dishes! 

A Little Cajun History:
Cajun Food originated from the Acadian or "Cajun" immigrants deported by the British from Canada in the 18th century to the Acadiana region of Louisiana, USA. Cajun food evolved from whatever was available locally. A typical Cajun meal would consists of the main dish, some grain dish (rice, cornbread) and a local in-season vegetable.

Bell pepper, onion, and celery are used in many dishes and is known as "the holy trinity of Cajun cuisine". Characteristic seasonings include parsley, bay leaf, "onion tops" or scallions, and dried cayenne pepper. Popular meat ingredients include pork, poultry or shellfish, with shrimp and crawfish in many dishes.

A common misconception is that Cajun food is hot and spicy. Authentic Cajun cooking is a touch spicy but not hot and fiery. Many cooks in non-Cajun locales attempt to imitate Cajun cuisine by making their food very hot. This is not true Cajun food.

Authentic Cajun Food is very simple, down home food which is not fancy, is not hot from pepper, does not use wine, does not contain cream or pasta and is seldom found in a restaurant. 

Cajun food uses a lot of roux (a thickening agent) and stock (chicken, fish, shellfish). Although canned stock may be used in an emergency, you should make your own stock for better flavor.

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